Sicangu Lakota Education Department


Mitakuyepi  (Hello My Relatives)

Greetings to all visitors!  The Rosebud Sioux Tribe's Education Department offers educational and limited assistance services to tribal citizens of the Sicangu Lakota Oyate. Visitors are welcome to ask for information on our programs.


Education Department Staff

Cindy Young, Education Director


Della Spotted Tail, Higher Education Coordinator


Deborah Bordeaux, TED Grant Manager

RoseMary Clairmont, Education Specialist


Sherry Lafferty, Truancy Family Advocate

Stephan Horse Looking, Truancy Family Advocate


Lydia Whirlwind Soldier, Curriculum Specialist


Chenoa LaPointe, Office Manager

Rikki Spotted Tail, Receptionist


Bernice Whiting, LTC Supervisor/EIS

Robin Clairmont, Early Intervention Specialist

Stephanie Gunhammer, Early Intervention Specialist

Deloris Kills In Water, Family Services Driver


Robert Cox, Winner School Paraprofessional



Education Committee

Rita Means, Chairwoman, RST Council Rep.  

Jim Leader Charge, RST Council Rep.          

William Long III, RST Council Rep.  

Lila Kills In Sight, RST Council Rep.                                     

Shizue LaPointe, RST Council Rep.                               

Eileen Shot, RST Council Rep.                              

Esther Blue Horse, At-Large Member                           

James Iron Shell, At-Large Member                 

Cecelia Spotted Tail, At-Large Member                            



RST/Sicangu Lakota Education Department

(605) 747-2833      

(877) 691-8183

(605) 747-5479 Fax




Lakota Tiwahe Center

(605) 747-4145

(888) 237 3605

(605) 747-4147 Fax




Higher Education Program

(605) 747-2375

(877) 691-8183

(605) 747-5479






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