Truancy Intervention Program


In FY 1992, The RST Council allocated funds from the Consolidated Tribal Programs Grant from the BIA to the RST Education Department to develop a Truancy Intervention Program.


The TIP is very beneficial to the Education Department in identifiying high risk students and colloborating with tribal and local programs to assist in decreasing the drop out rates of our tribal students.


Attendance rates are very high amongst native students for various reasons which the Education Department views as unacceptable.  Our TIP stafff operates at a maximum level in their work with students, families, schools and local agencies for education success of all tribal students.  They work diligently to reinforce the committment by the RST in making education a high priority.


Through this Project, we are able to work closely with students , families and the schools to address the issues preventing them from learning and obtaining their education.  Services include the following:


  • Assist families with attendance issues and school retention
  • Collaborate with tribal and local agencies
  • Explore alternative placements


The Truancy Intervention Program accepts referrals to provide assistance for students. If you would like to submit a referral on a student, you can download a referral form. Please complete the form and turn it in to a staff member at the Education Department. Please click on the link at the bottom of this page to download and print a referral form.





Truancy Intervention Referral Form
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Amended RST Truancy Law & Order Code


The purpose of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe’s truancy laws are to ensure that we support families to make a Wakanyeja pi education a priority in our communities and tribal lands. The Tribe understands the many issues our families and Wakanyeja face day to day that undermines our Wakanyeja pi ability to overcome, and yet we demand that our Wakanyeja attend school everyday, regardless of those challenges. It is the Tribe’s intent to take an integral look at the causes of truancy and assist families with planning and resources. It is our hope that these truancy laws will help make our Wakanyeja successful in their schools and at home without  penalizing or criminalizing



3 Big Changes to the RST Truancy Law and Order Code


As of April 13, 2022  Amendments to the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Law & Order Code Title Three, Chapter 4 and 5 were approved by RST Council. 



Failure to Send

Any Wakanyeja who is (12) years but not (18)  years of age residing on the Rosebud Reservation and within its territories, who does not attend a public or tribal school full-time when school is in session and has missed three (3) UNEXCUSED ABSENCES within a single month or six (6) unexcused absences in the current school year, will be considered Truant  




Failure to Attend

Any Wakanyeja residing or domiciled on the Rosebud Reservation and within it’s territories

Who does not attend a public or tribal school
Who has three (3) Unexcused absences within any single month, or six (6) unexcused absences in the current school year will be considered truant
Any parent/guardian who has not enrolled their student in a public or tribal school full time
Wakanyenja has a pattern of unexcused absences
Parent/guardian has failed to, or refuses to meet the students educational needs shall be deemed guilty of a Class B offense 



No Wakanyeja in Public During School Hours

RST LES may detain (pending on parent notification) any child, between six (6) years and eighteen (18) years of age who fails to attend school in violation of RST Laws when;


1. The Wakanyeja is in public without parent during regular scheduled school days

2. Wakanyeja is in a private place without the permission of legal owner and the permission of parents during school hours

3. The Wakanyeja is in a vehicle without permission from parent or guardian during regular school scheduled school days



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